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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Submission Guidelines –Christmas Flash Fiction Fantasia

Chuffed Buff Books

·        Work submitted must be original and previously unpublished in any format. This includes both print and any form of online/digital publishing (i.e. blogs, e-zines, social media etc.)

·        Multiple and simultaneous submissions are not accepted. Only one submission per anthology please.

·        Word count: 500-1500 words

·        All entries should be polished to the highest standard before submission.

·        Submissions are only accepted through the online submission manager. (Postal and email submissions are not accepted.)

·        The deadline for submissions is 1 October 2014.

·        Formatting guidelines:

o   Submissions should conform to British spelling/grammar/punctuation

o   Single spaced, no extra spaces between paragraphs please

o   New paragraphs indented using the ‘first line’ indentation option under the paragraph menu in Word or similar word processor – NOT using the TAB key

o   Left justify text

o   Use Calibri, size 11 font

o   Use single quotes for speech

o   Do not double space between sentences. Use one space only please. (If you are in the habit of double spacing, please use the ‘find/replace’ function in your Word processor prior to submission.)

o   Do not use bold, ALL CAPS or fonts in different colours.

o   Use italics sparingly.

o   Please do not put spaces around em dashes and en dashes. Em dashes rather than double en dashes are preferred.

o   Include a word count at the bottom of the last page.

o   Submissions in .doc, docx, or rtf only.

·        Please include a brief biographical note, up to 80 words, at the end of your submission. This will go on the website and may be included in the print anthology. Edits will not be made to bios prior to publication and you should ensure that all biographical details are correct BEFORE submitting your work. There will be no exceptions.

·        Please stipulate your pen name if different from your real name. This cannot be changed after submission. Please decide before you submit your work.

·        Submissions must be previously unpublished; this includes print and any form of online publishing (personal blogs, e-Zines, eBooks and/or podcasts, chapbooks). This point cannot be stressed enough. We will run reasonable checks and if we find that a story has been previously published it will be withdrawn from submission or, if already accepted, it will be withdrawn from the anthology and you will not be paid. The editor’s decision as to whether any particular story is published is final. Writers will be asked to sign a contract stating that their work is previously unpublished. If you cannot, do not have the right, or are unwilling to do so, then please do not submit your work here. Your submission indicates acceptance of these terms.

·        Payments are made by PayPal after any agreed edits, the return of a signed contract, and upon publication. Payment is £3 per flash fiction by PayPal ONLY. (No free contributor copies, and contributor payments will not be deducted from the purchase of the anthology.)

·        It is free to submit. There are no reading fees.

·        Stories may undergo editing where required. This is in consultation with the author. It is expected that your work is polished before submitting. Structural or extensive revisions to your story will not be permitted after submission.

·        Copyright remains with the author; however, we will ask for exclusive rights to publish your story for a set term.

·        We will respond with a decision within two months from the advertised closing date at which time a short list of accepted stories will be posted on the website.

·        You are advised to retain a copy of your submission and these guidelines for your own records.

·        If any of the above remains unclear or you have any concerns or questions, please query before submitting.

·        Your submission indicates acceptance of the above terms and conditions.


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